Q Bond is an ultra strong adhesive glue that comes with black plastic and grey aluminum filling powders which allow you to repair just about any surface under the sun. 

Q-Bond Dries Ultra Strong In Just 10 Seconds!

  • Q-Bond can be used just as an adhesive or with the reinforcing powders that will help you  to repair almost anything.
  • Q-Bond black powder and adhesive can be used to repair bumpers, grills, radiators, motorcycle fairings, electrical switches, door handle clips, distributor caps, and just about any other type of plastic part you can think of.
  • Q-Bond grey aluminum powder and adhesive can be used to repair cracks on motorcycle engines (heat resistant up to 356° F / 180° C, computers, office automation equipment, crack carburetors (petrol and oil resistant), cracked and chipped wheel caps as well as many other metal parts.




Download PDF safety data sheet