Multi Cleanse

Disinfectant Cleaner For Multi surface use


A ready to use water - based single stage disinfectant and cleaner with excellent materials compatibility. Suitable for use on wide variety of non absorbent water resistant surfaces. Multi cleanse is a bactericidal, fungicidal, yeasticidal and is effective against enveloped viruses (including Coronaviruses.)

Direction for use:

Use Multi cleanse as supplied (DO NOT DILUTE). Apply the product with a suitable wipe or spray and wipe, ensuring complete coverage. For surfaces contaminated with visual soiling, wipe over the area once to remove the gross soil and repeat to insure disinfection. Recommended contact time is 1 min. On high gloss surfaces, remove residual solution using an absorbent wipe to maintain appearance. Do not apply to hot surfaces or live electrical equipment. Always use biocides safely.


Product Code: QMC only available in 5L