3M™ Perfect-It™ III Ultrafina™ SE High Gloss Pad Blue (50388)

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3M™ Perfect-It™ III Ultrafina™ SE High

Gloss Pad Blue

  • Easily attached to 3M back-up pads
  • Suitable for use with a machine polisher and ultrafina polish or polish rosa
  • 2 pads per pack

This high gloss pad is ideal for final polishing and is recommended for use with 3M Perfect-It™ III Ultrafina SE Polish or 3M Polish Rosa. It takes the hard work out of polishing to ensures a swirl- and hologram-free result. Easily attached to a 3M Back-Up Pad for ease of use, long-lasting waffle foam guarantees excellent value for money and ensures that each pad can be used time and time again.

3M Perfect-It™ III Ultrafina™ SE High Gloss Pads are big enough to carry out any polishing work quickly and efficiently, yet small enough to store safely as part of a kit, in toolboxes or in the workshop.

With our award-winning, colour-coded compounds and polishes, any paint defect rectification or polishing work can be undertaken with ease and confidence. All of our polishes and compounds are colour-coded with the corresponding polishing pads to make product selection quick and easy. Any products that have a blue bottle cap are recommended for use with a blue pad in order to achieve the most effective results possible.

Product code - 3MPOLB